CodeSonar® Academic Program

We offer qualified faculty members to extend the use of CodeSonar and CodeSurfer to their students at no cost.


Acceptable Use:

The intention of this program is to encourage the use of static analysis in preparing students to produce safe and secure software beginning in their academic careers.

Use of the CodeSonar® Academic License is limited to non-profit use within academic units only.

Faculty members may use CodeSonar as a tool in the classroom, for student projects, or for approved research projects.


Fully completed academic applications will be submitted for approval to an internal committee, who will then approve or reject them at their discretion.


Program Details:

The program provides the faculty member a license of CodeSonar and/or CodeSurfer. The faculty member is responsible to allocate time in learning the tool, its installation, and management. Faculty members and intended student users must be prepared to dedicate considerable energy for training and supporting the software.   

Maintenance is not included with this program and it is strongly recommend to make use of the user’s manual that is included with the download of the software; however, technical questions may be e-mailed to GrammaTech at with the understanding that there may be delays with case responsiveness.

Please note that the academic program is for source code analysis and does not include binary analysis capabilities for CodeSonar and CodeSurfer.



Apply to our Academic Program:

To apply for an academic license for CodeSonar, or to apply for an extension of an existing academic license, please complete and submit the application form below.

Due to the increased demand of the program, please allow up to two months of when application is submitted to when software access will be delivered, and plan your submission accordingly.

Application must be completed by a faculty member and will be checked during the approval process. To help expedite the process, including a link to the university faculty’s webpage in the text box in the application**, verifying employment is encouraged but not required.

If applications need further information or are incomplete, we will contact you for more information if necessary.

Fields marked with * are required; we would greatly appreciate responses to the optional fields. We respect your privacy and will not provide this information to anyone else unless you allow us to do so.